COVID & Safety

Hi All. Many of you have asked some incredible questions about our reopening so we wanted to lay them all out for you.

  1.   to avoid crowded hallways please keep 6 ft behind group waiting in front of you and one group on the elevator at a time.
  2.  Please keep 6 feet of distance from other parties. Or your spouse if you prefer. 😉
  3.  All team members will be screened daily and wear appropriate PPE. But still awesome.
  4.  Once you are sat you CANNOT move tables. We appreciate your understanding and there will be no exceptions. We have a man dressed as a pirate to throw you overboard if you ask.
  5. We will not be seating groups of more than 6 people for now. We can also seat 2 tables of one if you are in the dog house. We don’t judge.
  6. If you have any flu-like symptoms we ask that you please come back another time. Like some time in 2023.  😉
  7. We will do our best to accommodate your patio of choice however we can never guarantee it.
    We will also never be able to guarantee a table overlooking the river etc. Tables will be set at a staggering pace for safety and we appreciate your understanding. We understand anniversaries and special events will prompt people to ask but safety has to come first. For now, there will be no exceptions. Our team members HATE saying no to you, so please go easy on them. This isn't their policy it is ownership's policy to keep us all safe.
  8.  Hand sanitizing stations are available. Please do not take our hand sanitizers home. We will be putting tracking devices on you.
  9.  All of our menus (one page) and debit terminals will be sanitized after each use, however please consider using tap where possible. Please do not throw our debit machines in the garbage after each use.
  10. Our hours will be 11am-10pm Sunday to Thursday and Friday and Saturday will be 11am-11pm.
  11. Sunday Brunch will be eliminated for the foreseeable future. Cause, ya.
  12. Please note as we get started there be stock issues with certain suppliers and certain items. These should fix themselves in the next few weeks but as we first get going we will be starting with smaller beer menus etc. Basically we have beer, food and a patio. What else do you want!!  😉

I know this all sounds mean and boring but we will never, ever put you or our team at risk. Before we know it we will back to normal. We missed you so much! If there is ANYTHING we can do to make your experience with us more comfortable please do not hesitate to ask us. We will do anything in our power to make you as comfortable as possible!

Matt, Will and Team


unforgettable food
in an unforgettable atmosphere