We are closed at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, September 1st for our sold-out Lobsterfest event!

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Please note as you book your reservation. due to extremely high demand for “tables near the water” “tables by a window” “tables on the railing” etc please note we cannot take these types of requests.

Please be aware all tables are reserved for 1.5 hours for lunch and 2 hours for dinner. We appreciate your understanding. Please note if you book a “standard table” it is inside.

We are only booking tables of up to 6 people currently, please note we cannot split larger groups as we cannot guarantee the same time or that you will be near each other.

if you need a wheelchair-accessible table please call us at 519-302-3000 and wait till the end of the message. you will be transferred to the restaurant and we can try to make sure you are on the main floor for your desired time.

Welcome to Stillwaters

Our mission is simple. Create unforgettable food in an unforgettable atmosphere. Co-owners Matt Cummings, owner of Paris’s Cobblestone Public House Restaurant and Chef William Thompson of Food Network’s Top Chef Canada have combined to create a mixture of comfort, fun and affordable elegance.

A mixture of


fun and

affordable elegance


“There is one inexhaustible aspect of everyday life that never dulls, namely the simple pleasure of eating and drinking.”

– Andre Domine